The Ultimate Race Day Fantasy Games Have Officially Begun!!!

URD Twitter 2So we are 34 Fantasy Teams strong in our Yahoo Sports Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League, that’s Awesome!!

The conversations that ensue during the week and race on Twitter are beyond fun so Set Up A Twitter Account free today so you can join us in al the antics. There has been some great banter between our Fantasy Race Teams this year leading up to week one, especially so between @whoatemyblog and @rowdyburns who are both in the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League.

You’ll agree once you join the rest of us on Twitter that the experience of conversations there are nothing short of highly engaging, educational and sometimes even comical and they for sure make watching the races and enjoying the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League even better.

You’ll find most of the Nascar Sprint Cup Drivers on Twitter mixing it up and adding humor and interesting conversational thread as well. My favorites for the quick replies and jokes thus far have been @KyleBush and @ScottSpeed.

Last week Scott Speed was talking trash to this years Daytona 500 winner @JamieMcMurray for passing him going down pit lane in practice and Jamie’s response was a riot. Both drivers caught their limelight on the track this week and for doing totally different things that enabled them to lead the race.

In addition @DennyHamlin gave away tickets to the Daytona 500 on Twitter last week and he will continue to give away race tickets weekly so go, sign up now, and log in to Twitter if you want to attend a race compliments of Denny Hamlin! My guess is other driver’s and race teams will follow Denny Hamlins lead and start giving away promotional stuff very soon.

Another interesting aspect of Twitter is that you will find some compelling media folks like @Jeff_Gluck who you can follow with us as they provide interesting commentary and insight into what’s going on all week long and especially during the races.

At Ultimate Race Day we have already begun to make the Twitter experience easier for you by creating twitter lists to help you find the action quickly. You’ll find we have created some great lists for you to subscribe to @ultimateraceday and @cjfinch2. We update these lists regularly so you’ll be sure to find all the great Nascar Racing conversations when you subscribe to them for free from your twitter account.

Make the leap to Twitter with the rest of us you’ll agree how much fun it is rev up the Nascar experience while tweeting with the drivers, race teams, media folks, tracks, Nascar officials and especially all your new friends from the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League.

Speaking of Fantasy that brings me to the highlight of the week, and that specifically was starting the new Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League. The truth is getting to know all of you and sharing the experience throughout the season in this Fantasy Leagues is truly the most fun for me.

And nothing could have engaged my interest in the racing experience more than the Awesome Wreckage Fantasy League I did with the founders of Ultimate Race Day @stephagresta and @chrismccaffrey last year.

This is what Ultimate Race Day is all about!! Sharing the race and the enthusiasm for racing with fellow fans, drivers, mechanics, and journalists – essentially everyone that touches the sport of racing..

Its time for a quick word to the wise about fantasy racing and a couple of Ultimate Race Day Fantasy Teams to keep an eye on this week.

Last year in the Awesome Wreckage Fantasy League something truly amazing happened: Geek Girl Racing, which is managed by @stephagresta, took the checkered flag for the entire season!! (By the way the URD crew is competing in that league again this year.)  Stephanie did this knowing virtually nothing about racing before the season began and she didn’t start out in first place either, but she never faltered and eventually smoked everyone in the league to the finish line taking 1st place in dominant fashion.  Efforts that are easily comparable to that of Jimmie Johnson, Lowes Racing and Hendricks Motor Sports to win the Sprint Cup last year.

This makes Geek Girl Racing an easy favorite to win the league again this year, so set your sights on her, and even though she finished 12th which for me is as shocking as the DNF Jimmie Johnson laid down at Daytona we all know those are thing things that happen while running stock car races. Its certain Jimmie Johnson will bounce back in Fontana just like Geek Girl Racing will in our Fantasy League.

A few other drivers to watch and mention are Whiskey River 88 who recorded some blazing track speed scoring a 339 this week at Dayonta to take the checkered flag. His winning  lineup, the one he bested 33 other teams with, was Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kevin Harvick and Michael Waltrip.

Other notable scoring finishes this week were: Drop The Jack (312), Illini Guy (308), Your Truly The Gold Finch (294) and Rainbow Warrior WNY24 (292) as they all earned themselves a top 5 finish and solid start to the season.

A mid pack race team after week one that is sure to break the top ten is Non Stop Racing who recorded a (246) at Daytona. Loxly knew how to hang up front all last year so be sure she’ll be a team to watch out for as this spring season continues.

There is a bunch of other teams I would like to mention from last year but just like FOX Sports with Nascar Racing is the Fantasy Teams that do something noteworthy that catch the media time in my blog.

And speaking of noteworthy we’ll keep our eyes on 4xChampions (152) and Team Jr/McMurray (0) as I learned nothing was more fascinating last year then the race to the front from the back of the pack. Having missed the first race last year I had the opportunity to enjoy the challenge of passing all the race teams in front of me to finish a respectable 7th place overall.

Keep your fantasy line ups dialed in and stay tuned, there is more to come on Fontana..


P.S. For any of you that had a bad week, don’t sweat it, last year I was not the only one that missed the first race entirely scoring zero points. @MkMitch(226), Orion Racing (240), and Red Head Racing (244) all put in memorable and similar stellar efforts last year. I remember running close with them all!

P.S.S. Fantasy Racing Tip of the Week: Don’t forget to select drivers!! There is nothing more difficult to do than climb back into the fantasy points race after a missed week. Although it can be done!! The best way not to forget is to pick drivers for the following week during the race, or pick them late Sunday night or Monday when you are finished checking in on your results.

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It’s Saturday and nascar is on tv, Does it get any better! :)

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