Vibrating Reality – The 2010 NHRA Gator Nationals in Gainesville FL

Top Fuel Dragsters

It sounds like a dinosaur from far away, a dinosaur that is going to kill something prehistoric and large, the roar from the Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars is out of this world and to witness it firsthand is to feel your bones and organs vibrate deep within your being.

The power these cars and drivers harness is reality shattering and even with your earplugs in the force behind them will blur, vibrate and distort everything before your eyes.

At least that’s how I would put it after attending The 2010 NHRA Gator Nationals where I couldn’t help but see and feel this vibrating ripple of force as I bore witness to numerous record setting runs at the Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville Florida.

Perhaps it was just the fluid in my eyeballs vibrating with the 8000+ horsepower that these drivers launch themselves with to achieve speeds in excess of 320mph in less than 4 seconds as they cover 1000 feet of a drag strip in blazing fashion.

Or perhaps maybe the air surrounding all in attendance really does ripple with the power and force of these Top Fuel Drag Racing Machines. But whatever happens scientifically speaking one thing that is for certain is that Top Fuel Drag Racing is beyond wild.

Don’t ever pass up the chance to attend a Top Fuel NHRA Event for you will be in awe of how everything around you vibrates as the experience literally goes right through your entire body as a spectator.

I just happened to be down here in Gainesville Florida with a Drag Racing Fanatic who came to renew his NHRA license while attending Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School. He’s nuts about Drag Racing and dedicates his life and much of his expendable finances to it.

He’s just back from trip to Indianapolis to meet Steve Schmidt of  Steve Schmidt Racing who recently finished building a motor for him so that he could run 8’s in his Door Slammer, The Monza.

Drag Racing is a sport of pure passion focused on doing one: driving 1000 feet as fast as you can.

I’ve attended Drag Racing events before but never a National Event and what shocked me most about this experience was the power behind it and the women who are pushing the limits of the sport.

Just as we all saw the media frenzy around Danica Patrick and what she did for the sport of Nascar while driving with the boys of the Nationwide Series a few weeks back there are women in Drag Racing proving to have just as much influence and hardened skill.

One of Drag Racing’s Top Women is Ashley Force Hood who drives The Castrol GTX Top Fuel Funny Car for John Force Racing the most dominant race team in the sport.

Ashley is not only the first women to win an NHRA Funny Car Race, but she also became the first to lead the Funny Car points, the first to make the NHRA Funny Car playoffs and the first, not only to qualify for the U.S. Smokeless Funny Car bonus race, but the first to earn the No. 1 starting spot.

My Drag Racing Buddy had the chance to speak with her briefly after Saturday’s race and to say he was spellbound would be an understatement. To witness Ashley interact with her fans and sign endless photographs while posing for pictures helped me realize I was witnessing something really special about the sport and its what keeps it going.

Its something I have become aware with while following Nascar over the last few years and that is the willingness of the drivers and teams to interact with lifeblood of their professions, the fans.

Its wonderful as a writer to bear witness to the moment where the dedication and dreams of the drivers and race teams meets that of the fans, its an inspiring moment that I hope to see again and again.

I could write a lot more about this weekend as there was so much to experience, and maybe I will come back to the sport of Drag Racing in the future, perhaps even interview Ashley and other top NHRA Drag Racers for Ultimate Race Day, but for now I have to bring my focus back to some other work that requires my attention.

In closing I just want to offer a special thanks to John Force and Robert Hight who also took the time to speak and sign autographs for my Drag Racing Buddy as well as countless numbers of their other fans back at the team trailers.

You guys are wonderful..

Be Back Soon,


P.S. Check out these Top Fuel Dragster burnouts. Its not the best quality because I was using a point n shoot camera but it will most certainly give you an idea about the prehistoric roar of  8000+ Horsepower..

YouTube Preview Image

Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League Recap of Kobalt 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway


Top dog honors this week go to Love Me Some Hawkeyes (+6 @328) who logs his second 328 point finish of the season.

His checkered flag lineup at the Atlanta Motor Speedway consisted of Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Matt Kennseth and AJ Almendinger.

Another hot dog this week was Jack Cracker!!!! He finished (+8 @310) and yes that is a set of back-to-back +8 in the standings performances from Jack Cracker.

Jack is fired up about being the only fantasy team to pick the Kobalt 500 Race Winner Kurt Busch. Combine that with his predictions on the message boards coming true and you can understand why he’s comparing himself to Jimmie Johnson on the message boards. We’ll have to wait and see how well he performs against the folks in the top 10 of our Fantasy League before we don him with that title.

Our points leader Drop the Jack ( – @280) is still 100+ points ahead of  Jack Cracker but Jack is closing the gap and was only bested by one other fantasy team this week, that being The Drifters (+5 @327). The Drifters actually could have finished 44 points higher with a raging score of 371 if they gave their provisional driver in the C category the start – AJ Allmendinger had a phenomenal day in the Kobalt 500 with a 6th place finish.

Disappointingly enough we do appear to have a few start and park drivers in the league with one of them being WhiskyRiver88 (-6 @173). WhiskyRiver88 won the Daytona 500 this year but has not changed their lineup since week one and is now destined to disappear into oblivion with the same lineup soon to burn through its 9 starts or allocations.

Our two falling knives this week were Jesus Is My Spotter (-7 @213) and Shaw Tek Motorsports (-7@229). They were not the worst point performers of the week just a few of our fantasy teams that are racing in the packs.

You’ll notice as the season goes on that clusters and packs form and each week there will be rising stars and falling knives amongst them. The real excitement comes when you move through a few of these packs in back to back weeks as Jack Cracker can attest.

The Fantasy Nascar experience is a season full of ups and downs so remember to stay focused and make sure you get your picks for the next race at Bristol in now. Doing this will ensure that you are not put in a position like WhiskyRiver88 who has had a driver in his starting line up for 3 weeks who is not even racing.

We’re off next weekend and the Bristol Race is two weeks away but there is plenty to talk about after this race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

How do you all feel about the move Carl Edwards put on Brad Keselowski at the end of the race?

You can check it out here in case you missed it. Its likely Nascar will rule this to be a retaliation and therefore it shall be interesting to see how they handle such a blatant attempt to wreck another driver at 195mph, such action puts a lot of lives at risk.

More on that is still to come..


Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League Recap of Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway


It’s that time of week again, time to select my Yahoo Sports Fantasy Lineup for the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, but before I do that it’s important to review what’s going on in the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League.

We’re three weeks in now, just coming off a fantastic finish in the Shelby American at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and a few things are becoming certain, and that’s who’s got staying power in the front of the pack.

DropTheJack inked 302 points for the week and has done nothing short of drop the hammer to begin this long fantasy season.

With back to back to back 300+ point weeks he is commanding the lead in 1st place. My bet is that if this fantasy driver can keep running 300 pointers there is no way any of us are going to catch him, but the season is long and sooner or later everyone takes a dive.

Of course a string of Herculean performances like that of RainbowWarrior WNY24 (+7@353) who took the checkered flag for the week could easily put you in first.  However experience dictates that the entire season will pass and there will be few 350+ point performances are seen.  It was an outstanding performance this week for the RainbowWarriorWNY24 whose checkered flag lineup consisted of Jeff Gorden, Kevin Harvick, Clint Bowyer and Scott Speed.

Other big movers from last weekend are Red Head Racing (+9@348) and JackCracker!!! (+8@331) who showed up @RowdyBurns (-4@264) on the leader board’s. It seems Rowdy’s got nothing to say this week because his cars been going backwards since Daytona, its funny how a tough week in Fantasy Nascar shuts up the best of us.

Our dog for the week was AutoSport (-12 @202) who actually picked drivers that could have seen him to a top 10 finish but left them in the provisional lineup. There is nothing that bothers me more at the end of the week then seeing my provisional drivers perform better than my starters, but it happens nonetheless, and it just goes to show how difficult it is to pick a Nascar Sprint Cup Race.

Coming up this weekend is a real slippery track at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and its quite likely someone’s A and B picks will be finishing at the back of the pack. Our standing will see another shake-up this week and I don’t know who it will be but its definitely going to happen. Someone’s falling out of the top 5, someone’s falling out of the top 10, and we’re going to see some new fantasy owners heading up the pack.

Stay Tuned,


P.S. Don’t forget to join us on Twitter, it’s where all the race conversation and banter takes place..

Its 48 For The 48!! Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League Recap of Auto Club 500 at Fontana

By:  CJFinch


Wow, what a great day at Fontana!! I just caught the race rewind on ESPN and enjoyed the experience all over again. You really have to love how much content and media is available to us over the internet.

It was great race to the finish last Sunday between Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson who got his 48th win for the number 48 team taking the checkered flag again at Fontana. Its incredible, this is his 5th 1st Place Finish is his last 15 Attempts here at this track.

I’d say Jack Cracker’s got a point on @RowdyBurns on the message board. He probably could have passed Rowdy in the standings if he went with his Ace Driver on the Roster Jimmie Johnson. Its  going to be hard for all of us to save allocations for him so that you can run him in the chase at the end of the season.

But the Fantasy Highlight of our week was what happened in our finish.

Geek Girl Racing (the only fantasy prediction that did me justice thus far) finished up (+14st) in the standings with (+333pts) points for the week rocketing herself from 17th to 3rd place!! I told you this pony’d be back.

The were also remarkable performances from Love Me Some Hawkeyes (+17@328) @Amanda_Fowler (+15@334) and AutoSport (+13@313) and Drop The Jack who moved into first place with the checkered flag this week at (+1@339) for the week.

There is really nothing better for your rankings than mid 300 point week and you guys killed it this week which proved not to be so easy for others.

@AwesomeWreckage (-21@163) experienced some Awesome Wreckage dropping 21 places in the standings with 163 points on the week along with The Drifters (-14st@198pts) who lost the second most in our week to week standings.  These two veterans from last year who will most certainly bounce back. Soon enough they’ll also be some fantasy drafting amongst us all, you rookie fantasy drivers will see what I mean as the weeks move along.

Our dog for the week was Summit Racing (-4 @152) which I don’t think will stop my drag racing buddy who is sitting next to me to stop purchasing things from their catalog like a drunken sailor on shopping spree.

@whoatemyblog (+5@330) showed a determined week moving up to 2nd in the rankings after the first two races of the season. Its shows a bit of consistency, we’ll see what he can do in week 3.  He may be a contender for @StephAgresta when things come down to the finish.

I’m sure lots of you folks are feeling really kind of down after a performance from some of Nascar’s stars like Juan Pablo Montoya, Denny Hamlin, Kasey Kahne who all finished poorly in the race. Those people can understand what it must feel like for Dale Earnhardt Jr who may still be plagued after a 32nd place finish after having to deal with a broken half axle in the pits. There’s bad luck and there is just really bad luck, does anyone know for sure if he can bounce back this season? I just don’t get it Jr. Nation I think we’d all like to see him running in the top 10.  I’m still trying to be believer.

I was wrong with my prediction about Non Stop Racing (-7 @207) last week who shockingly didn’t get any help from Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne and Scott Speed who btw had a phenomenal day at the track and is a guy to keep your eye on in the C category.

If your not certain yet about your picks this week check out the Fantasy Rundown Video over at ESPN in addition to the Preview PDF Yahoo Sports offers under the Track Name on your Roster Tab for download.

I am looking forward to this weekend.

There is more to come on Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Stay Tuned,


P.S. My fantasy suggestion for this weekend is: Don’t waste an allocation on Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.. I think you have to wait for that pony to show he can run first, 3 green-white-checkers at Daytona International Speedway put him in the position for a strong finish at that unpredictable track, he wasn’t really strong all day. Besides, as  Mike Bell from The Preview Show says, “This track is like a Personal House of Horrors for him”..

Earnhardt Ganassi Teammates on Front Row at Fontana

By: Chris McCaffrey

59670667Photo Credit: Jason Smith/Getty Images

Jamie McMurray continues to soar as he hooks the Pole in the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevy for what is considered the “real” start to the 2010 NASCAR season.   The second race of the season at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California is the first true litmus test for how teams can perform and a leading indicator on what the season may yield for each.  Earnhardt Ganassi Racing is proving fast this week with teammates Jamie Mac and Juan Pablo taking the front row in qualifying for the start of the Auto Club 500.  After Mark Martin and Dale Jr took the front row at Daytona, can it be teammates Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer of Richard Childress Racing or will it be Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle of Roush Fenway Racing to be the next team duo to take the front row next week at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to keep this unusual streak alive?

While trying to maintain the feel-good 2nd place finish at Daytona, the #88 team must also feel the looming pressure as well as the overwhelming enthusiasm from JRNation, for a break out season after a deflated 2009.  We’ll find out shortly how the #88 team has gelled in the off season.  Hopefully DaleJr’s poor qualifying effort that was plagued by brake issues is no indicator of how the orange #88 Amp Energy Juice car will perform on the track this Sunday.

Both Kasey Kahne and Clint Bowyer looked solid in qualifying, though don’t ever under estimate the #48 team after a poor finish at Daytona.  Be assured Chad and Jimmie will be hard to stop with the best overall performance average at Fontana with two wins, a second, third and ninth place finish in last five races at Auto Club Speedway.

Week #2 Fantasy Picks:

Jimmie Johnson, Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne, AJ Allmendinger

The Ultimate Race Day Fantasy Games Have Officially Begun!!!

URD Twitter 2So we are 34 Fantasy Teams strong in our Yahoo Sports Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League, that’s Awesome!!

The conversations that ensue during the week and race on Twitter are beyond fun so Set Up A Twitter Account free today so you can join us in al the antics. There has been some great banter between our Fantasy Race Teams this year leading up to week one, especially so between @whoatemyblog and @rowdyburns who are both in the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League.

You’ll agree once you join the rest of us on Twitter that the experience of conversations there are nothing short of highly engaging, educational and sometimes even comical and they for sure make watching the races and enjoying the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League even better.

You’ll find most of the Nascar Sprint Cup Drivers on Twitter mixing it up and adding humor and interesting conversational thread as well. My favorites for the quick replies and jokes thus far have been @KyleBush and @ScottSpeed.

Last week Scott Speed was talking trash to this years Daytona 500 winner @JamieMcMurray for passing him going down pit lane in practice and Jamie’s response was a riot. Both drivers caught their limelight on the track this week and for doing totally different things that enabled them to lead the race.

In addition @DennyHamlin gave away tickets to the Daytona 500 on Twitter last week and he will continue to give away race tickets weekly so go, sign up now, and log in to Twitter if you want to attend a race compliments of Denny Hamlin! My guess is other driver’s and race teams will follow Denny Hamlins lead and start giving away promotional stuff very soon.

Another interesting aspect of Twitter is that you will find some compelling media folks like @Jeff_Gluck who you can follow with us as they provide interesting commentary and insight into what’s going on all week long and especially during the races.

At Ultimate Race Day we have already begun to make the Twitter experience easier for you by creating twitter lists to help you find the action quickly. You’ll find we have created some great lists for you to subscribe to @ultimateraceday and @cjfinch2. We update these lists regularly so you’ll be sure to find all the great Nascar Racing conversations when you subscribe to them for free from your twitter account.

Make the leap to Twitter with the rest of us you’ll agree how much fun it is rev up the Nascar experience while tweeting with the drivers, race teams, media folks, tracks, Nascar officials and especially all your new friends from the Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League.

Speaking of Fantasy that brings me to the highlight of the week, and that specifically was starting the new Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League. The truth is getting to know all of you and sharing the experience throughout the season in this Fantasy Leagues is truly the most fun for me.

And nothing could have engaged my interest in the racing experience more than the Awesome Wreckage Fantasy League I did with the founders of Ultimate Race Day @stephagresta and @chrismccaffrey last year.

This is what Ultimate Race Day is all about!! Sharing the race and the enthusiasm for racing with fellow fans, drivers, mechanics, and journalists – essentially everyone that touches the sport of racing..

Its time for a quick word to the wise about fantasy racing and a couple of Ultimate Race Day Fantasy Teams to keep an eye on this week.

Last year in the Awesome Wreckage Fantasy League something truly amazing happened: Geek Girl Racing, which is managed by @stephagresta, took the checkered flag for the entire season!! (By the way the URD crew is competing in that league again this year.)  Stephanie did this knowing virtually nothing about racing before the season began and she didn’t start out in first place either, but she never faltered and eventually smoked everyone in the league to the finish line taking 1st place in dominant fashion.  Efforts that are easily comparable to that of Jimmie Johnson, Lowes Racing and Hendricks Motor Sports to win the Sprint Cup last year.

This makes Geek Girl Racing an easy favorite to win the league again this year, so set your sights on her, and even though she finished 12th which for me is as shocking as the DNF Jimmie Johnson laid down at Daytona we all know those are thing things that happen while running stock car races. Its certain Jimmie Johnson will bounce back in Fontana just like Geek Girl Racing will in our Fantasy League.

A few other drivers to watch and mention are Whiskey River 88 who recorded some blazing track speed scoring a 339 this week at Dayonta to take the checkered flag. His winning  lineup, the one he bested 33 other teams with, was Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kevin Harvick and Michael Waltrip.

Other notable scoring finishes this week were: Drop The Jack (312), Illini Guy (308), Your Truly The Gold Finch (294) and Rainbow Warrior WNY24 (292) as they all earned themselves a top 5 finish and solid start to the season.

A mid pack race team after week one that is sure to break the top ten is Non Stop Racing who recorded a (246) at Daytona. Loxly knew how to hang up front all last year so be sure she’ll be a team to watch out for as this spring season continues.

There is a bunch of other teams I would like to mention from last year but just like FOX Sports with Nascar Racing is the Fantasy Teams that do something noteworthy that catch the media time in my blog.

And speaking of noteworthy we’ll keep our eyes on 4xChampions (152) and Team Jr/McMurray (0) as I learned nothing was more fascinating last year then the race to the front from the back of the pack. Having missed the first race last year I had the opportunity to enjoy the challenge of passing all the race teams in front of me to finish a respectable 7th place overall.

Keep your fantasy line ups dialed in and stay tuned, there is more to come on Fontana..


P.S. For any of you that had a bad week, don’t sweat it, last year I was not the only one that missed the first race entirely scoring zero points. @MkMitch(226), Orion Racing (240), and Red Head Racing (244) all put in memorable and similar stellar efforts last year. I remember running close with them all!

P.S.S. Fantasy Racing Tip of the Week: Don’t forget to select drivers!! There is nothing more difficult to do than climb back into the fantasy points race after a missed week. Although it can be done!! The best way not to forget is to pick drivers for the following week during the race, or pick them late Sunday night or Monday when you are finished checking in on your results.

The Sprint Cup Season Finally Begins, Please Wait While We Fix The Track…

By: CJFinch



I thought waiting for the NASCAR 2010 Sprint Cup Season to start took a long time, but waiting for the pothole at the Daytona International Speedway to get successfully resurfaced so that the red flagged racing could resume took what seemed to be an eternity!

It was completely embarrassing for NASCAR and the Daytona International Speedway to endure such a calamity on arguably the biggest race day of the season.

The crews of the Daytona International Speedway unsuccessfully attempted to try and fix a pothole in the track by applying 4 different types of gravel. And it was not until stopping the race a second time later that day that they finally got it to the point where the race could be finished.  What was the solution? It was applying a special epoxy that glistened like shiny silver plastic smeared across the black track as the race finished under the darkness of nights. Fortunately for the fans and the drivers alike the race concluded in grand fashion, but ore on that in just a second because something else happened that is noteworthy.

I don’t know how I could have kept the race on during that melee if it was not for Twitter.

The microblogging service came to the rescue with the fans, the race teams, the drivers, the media folks, NASCAR and even the tracks setting up and maintaining Twitter accounts all weekend long. It actually made the race and the weekend a much more interesting and engaging experience to follow.

If you are new to Twitter let us know here at Ultimate Race Day and we can help direct you in getting started, and you will agree once you get set up that it really makes the Nascar experience, especially our Fantasy League experience, infinitely more enjoyable.

Now for those of you that are already on Twitter just remember to add #URD to any of your tweets as well as to post your Twitter name in the message board of our Fantasy League so we can find you and help you engage in a fun conversation with the rest of us online there.

And then the race continued..

The special epoxy had dried and the race was back on for good. It was well worth the wait to see Kevin Harvick make a bold and daring move on Martin Truex Jr. and Greg Biffle to secure the inside lane and perhaps the checkered flag at the 2010 Dayonta 500 Sprint Cup Race. I was rooting for him to do so as he was one of my B drivers in our Fantasy League along with Dale Earnhardt Jr who looking like he would start the season with a mediocre finish from what I could tell thus far.

But things would not turn out that way..

It was Jamie McMurray who took the checkered flag and somehow to the roaring cheer of all of Jr Nation at the finish line it was the Amp Energy #88 car of Dale Earnhardt Jr. who blew up the middle of the pack and took 2nd Place.

It was a phenomenal finish for Jamie McMurray and great finish for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his race team who believe this start can provide validation for the driver who had been slumping year’s prior.

It was quite a race and finish and some of the drivers eaten up by the Daytona International Speedway were Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman all of whom would not cross the finish line that day. This was a detriment to many of you in our Ultimate Race Day Fantasy League, but worry not, there is a lot more racing and opportunity to move to the front of the pack in our league this year..

I’ll be back with more on that later..


I’ve Got A Hot Date for Valentine’s Day!

Guest Blogger: Katey Dietz

I’ve been planning for weeks, and as we creep closer to the 14th I’m getting all jittery and excited. I can’t wait to cozy up with Daytona and kick-off a new season this Sunday!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Just like any big date, a girl’s gotta prep.

Phase 1: Research

I’ve joined a new fantasy league this season, Ultimate Race Day’s. This means I’ve got to step up my game. In previous seasons I’ve competed for bragging rights with a small group of friends, so this a big change. I’m still not taking it too seriously; it is just for fun. My picks are more about my gut and less about deep analysis of stats.

My Daytona Picks: Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Kevin Harvick, & AJ Allmendinger.

Phase 2: Pre-Date Freakout

Wednesday night I got word that my parents’ Christmas gift to me of a NASCAR Hall of Fame membership was also a winner in the NASCAR Hall of Fame VIP Sweepstakes. This prompted a happy dance to rival that of Brandi Chastain! Not a single green flag has dropped and this season is already getting me fired up and excited about what will happen next.

Phase 3: Picking the Right Outfit

What to wear, what to wear!? Easy, my best #11 cap and whatever is clean & comfy! That was easy, so I turned my attention to my 3-year-old niece/NASCAR fan in training. First we discussed that while Sunday is Valentine’s Day, more importantly, it is also Daytona.

Being a good aunt, I of course went shopping for her first NASCAR gear. Picking a driver for someone so young can be tricky, so many sponsors are just not kid friendly or accessible. My team of choice, FedEx was out, nothing there for a little girl. Luckily JGR is also home to the most kid accessible team, M&M’s, so at least I can keep things all “in the family”. I went with M&M’s because my niece already knows the characters, so the green M&M hat I picked up will be immediately recognizable, and because the paint schemes are always easy to pick out in a race. Can’t wait to see her decked out for her first NASCAR season as a proper little fan!

Phase 4: The Quiet Before the Storm

I’ve done all I can do to prepare for my hot date. I know everything I hope happens, and all the things I dread, so there is nothing left to do but take a deep breath and countdown to green!


My niece loved her Daytona present, but I think she would have liked some actual M&M’s too.

Princess Snow White Race Car Driver Jaci

Ultimate Race Day NASCAR Fantasy League 2010 – Sign Up Now!

We are revved up to kick off another season of NASCAR fantasy racing on Yahoo! Sports. You are cordially invited to join the competition with the Ultimate Race Day Community!

We’ll be starting weekly conversations on the Message Boards, on Twitter, on Facebook and sending the league members updates on who’s trading paint. We’ll also be giving away prizes to members throughout the season and a grand prize to the champion! It’s FREE and easy to SIGN UP – so click here to start your engines!


Group ID# 13731

Password: nascar2010

Please feel free to forward along to your friends and colleagues.  You need to be logged in with your Yahoo! ID and ready to roll before the Daytona 500. (Deadline to select your drivers is Feb 14 1:14pm EST). We look forward to an awesome season and sharing a great experience with everyone.

Good Luck!!!

Stephanie & Chris

Social Media Motorsports Summit


Hey NASCAR fans. The Daytona 500 is almost here and we are gearing up. UltimateRaceDay is excited to attend the Social Media Motorports Summit (#SMMSummit) this Thursday in Charlotte, NC.  The event will be attended by motorsports executives, sponsors, social media providers, and  media professionals — united by their interest in learning more about about social media and its impact on the sport.

We’ll be live tweeting and blogging from the event.  Stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, January 28, 2010 from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM (EST)

Westin Charlotte
601 S. College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202